In its endeavour to lend a helping hand to poor Padmashali students, the Trust had earmarked substantial amounts for the benefit of poor students in the shape of scholarships and book banks. We have distributed free note books from 1982 to 1989. Thereafter from 1990-91 onwards, the Trust is distributing scholarships regularly to the needy and meritorious Padmashali students to the tune of lakhs of rupees.


Distributed through the hands of Ministers & Vice Chancellors:

a) On 28-10-1990 for the year 1990-91 by Smt.Uma Venkatarama Reddy, Hon. State Minister Rs. 35,000.00

b) On 28-01-1992 for the year 1991-92 by Shri S.Santhosh Reddy. Hon. Finance Minister A.P. Rs. 1,05,850.00

c) On 24-01-1993 for the year 1992-93 by Shri D.Srinivas, Hon. Minister for Handloom, A.P. Rs. 1,25,000.00

d) On 09-02-1997 for the year 1996-97 by Shri T.Devender Goud, Hon. Revenue Minister, A.P Rs. 1,45,750.00

e) On 26-12-1999 for the year 1998-99 by Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, Hon. Union Minister and Acharya N. Gopi, Vice Chancellor, Telugu University Rs. 3,05,000.00

f) On 04-11-2001 for the year 2001-02 by Acharya Ravva Srihari, Vice Chancellor, Dravida University Rs. 5,45,000.00


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