Padmashali Mahila Abhyudaya Sangam was formed in July 1997.

Smt. Chilveru Sunitha & Smt Gadipalli Vijayalaxmi had a vision that there should be some social activities for ladies to prove their talents and to encourage the children of Padmashali society in Educational, Physical and Cultural activities.

With the approval and guidance of the then President Sri Surakanti Veeresham Garu , General Secretary Sri Guthikonda Pandu Garu and Sri Nomula Swamidas Garu , Padmashali Mahila Abhyudaya Sangam came into existence.

A Women's wing which focus on Women and Children of Padmashali Society to prove their talents and moral values and to ensure that, these are passed to the coming generations in best way possible is their motto.

Yearly Activities Schedule:

Sravanamasam (July), Arya Samaj Havan (Vaidica), Pasupu-Bottu, Cooking and Talent Shows for Ladies.
Navaratri Utsav (Dusherra) : Batukamma Sambaralu.(Competitions: Best Batukammma and Best Batukamma Song,Best traditional dressing)
Children’s Day (November 14th) :Competitions: Fancy dress, Elocution, Singing, Dance, games and Talent Shows.
Sankraanthi Sambaralu (January): Rangoli Competitions.

                                                                   SOME OF THE ACTIVITIES

Social Services:

To uplift the weaker sections of Society by providing any kind of help required in the best way possible from time to time.
* Donation of Sewing Machines to new centres to encourage Self-Employment for Ladies.
* Organizing Medical Camps
* Distribution of Blankets in slum areas during winter.
* Conduct Spiritual and Intellectual seminars

And many such Social Activities are conducted timely.

Padmashali Mahila Abyudaya Sangam Committee Members:

1997 - 2002:
Smt. Gadipally Vijaya Laxmi (President)
Smt. Sripathi Anjali (General Secretary)

2002 - 2007:
Smt. Sripathi Anjali (President)
Smt. Chilveru Sunitha (General Secretary)

Present Committee:

Smt. Ganji Rajni Amarnath (President) Smt. Addagatla Benkata Lakshmi 
(Vice President)
Smt. Chippa Vijaya Lakshmi  (Vice President) Smt. Ganji Jyothi Ashok 
(General Secretary)
Smt. Sangishetty Archana (Joint Secretary) Smt. Guthikonda Anitha  (Treasurer)
Smt. Kandi Indira
Smt. Nomula Rajini Devi (Member)
Smt. Chiluveru Sunitha (Member) Smt. Arashanpalli Sujatha (Member)

Smt. Vanamala Shoba

Smt. Namala Meenakshi (Member)  
Smt. Gurrapu Gayathri (Member) Smt. Kandi Sai Sree (Member)
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